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NPLD 2020 Project to promote and safeguard Minority Languages!

Since the publication of the EC communication on multilingualism in 2008, multilingualism has been identified as an asset and a goal for the European Union.

The treaty on the European Union states that the EU “shall respect the rich cultural and linguistic diversity, and shall ensure that Europe’s cultural heritage is safeguarded and enhanced” (Art.3).

The Charter of Fundamental Rights, also states that “the Union shall respect cultural, religious and linguistic diversity” (Art. 22)

The Council of Europe also ensures the protection of minority languages through the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages (1992).

In addition various national policies have been put in place to support CRSS languages in Europe. This includes many language Acts and several development plans;

  • A living language; A LANGUAGE FOR LINVING, Welsh Government 2011
  • 20 year strategy for the Irish Language, 2010
  • The Action plan for bilingual Finland, 2010
  • The development plan of the Estonian Language, 2011-2017


NPLD therefore, back in 2012, chose to undertake the project (named NPLD2020) under LLP grant funding to tackle the following key issues;

  • The need to raise awareness on a broad definition of linguistic diversity
  • The need to raise awareness on the social and economic importance of linguistic diversity
  • A need for an EU platform to promote linguistic diversity which brings together all relevant stakeholders.
  • Develop the potential of CRSS languages to build a smart and inclusive Europe
  • To coordinate efforts for a European wide language planning strategy
  • To further involve policy makers at a national level.





The NPLD acts to share best practice in language planning and to set up joint, funded language projects between its members.

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