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Statutes and Standing Orders

NPLD's members ratified the Network's Statutes and Standing Orders at their inaugural General Assembly meeting in July 2008. These papers can be found by clicking on the above links.

NPLD Standing Orders

NPLD Statutes

Since July 2016, NPLD is established as an international non-profit organization based in Brussels. Click here to see the Articles of the Association in Belgium.

Roles Within the Network

Sietske Poepjes, Chair

Sietske Poepjes is Regional Minister responsible for Frisian Language and Culture. She was elected NPLD's Chair for three years in June 2017, and as the Chair her main responsibility is for the strategic direction of the Network in discussion with the Chairs' Committee.

See presentation video here.



Both Vice-Chairs are responsible for assisting the Chair on all matters relating to the management of NPLD:








Sabrina Rasom, Vice-Chair
Sabrina is from Fassa Valley, Province of Trento, and was elected in May 2016 by the General Assembly. She will therefore continue in her role until 2018.


Gregorio Ferreiro Fente, Vice-Chair

Gregorio is from the Autonomous Region of Galicia and was elected as Vice-Chair in June 2017. He will therefore be in post for a period of two years. 


NPLD Secretariat 

Vicent Fenollar i Sastre, NPLD's Policy and Outreach Manager

Based in Brussels, Vicent is responsible for NPLD relations with the EU institutions and external communications and to monitor policy developments at EU level on multilingualism.








Eva Soms i Bach, NPLD's Finance and Administration Manager

Based in Brussels, Eva is in charge of the financial and economic aspects of the European network, as well as the coordination of its members. 




The NPLD acts to share best practice in language planning and to set up joint, funded language projects between its members.

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