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MELT Conference

The MELT project celebrated its success during a conference in Brussels in October, 2011. The four language communities presented the project results: a brochure for parents, in addition to a guide for practitioners which are available in four versions and eight languages: Breton – French, Frisian – Dutch, Swedish – Finnish and Welsh – English.

Furthermore, a research paper based on literature concerning multilingual language acquisition was presented.

Provided below are the guest speakers' presentations during the MELT Conference.

Rita Jones (Mudiad Meithrin) Presentation
Rita Jones, Chief Executive of Mudiad Meithrin provided an overview of Mudiad Meithrin, and the resources and support that it provides.

Gunilla Holm (University of Helsinki) - Presentation
Gunilla Holm, Professor at the University of Helsinki gave a brief background to the newly introduced Early Childhood Teacher

Veronica Hertzberg (Folkhälsan) Presentation
Veronica Hertzberg presented the various products produced by the MELT Project, including the Guide for Practitioners and Pamphlet for Parents.

Jannewietske de Vries (Fryslân) Presentation
Jannewietske de Vries, Frisian Minister for Culture, Language and Education provided a brief history of Frisian pre-school provision.

Idske Bangma (Fryske Akademy) Presentation
Idske Bangma presented an overview of the Research Paper's content, in addition to best practices, recommendations and future challenges.





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