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The NPLD aims to bring together partners with common interest to impart information, share best practices and develop projects under thematic areas which will promote language development and linguistic diversity across its linguistic communities. These projects range from bringing members together to discuss possible funding applications, research and dissemination exercises to working with grass-root level citizens in their day to day tasks of promoting and safeguarding linguistic diversity.

The Network is currently carrying out four projects under the following themes:

  • Language and Economy: A report produced by Professor Francois Grin as a tool for policy analysts and decision makers interesed in the effects that the knowledge and/or actual use of CRSSLs may have on economic activity, particularly economic performance.
  • Language Strategies in Comparative Perspective: A report produced by Professor Colin Williams that aims to a) inform the discussion of language strategies and draw conclusions regarding the principles and practices involved in the construction and implementation of different types of language strategy and b) to identify what constitutes a good strategy (regardless of language).
  • European Roadmap for Linguistic Diversity: Purpose of the Roadmap is to reaffirm the European Union’s commitment to promoting the vitality of all languages used today in Europe and to the promotion of affirmative action to safeguard their future.
  • Endangered Languages: Following a roundtable in December 2012 a report was produced to provide some background information on the situation of endangered languages in Europe and makes a number of recommendations with regards to how these languages could be further supported and their situation enhanced.

Other themes which are being considered for future collaboration and project work include:

  • ICT:  Potential formation an NPLD Technology & Digital Media Sub-Group

If you are interested in these specific themes, and would be interested in finding out more, contact the Secretariat.




The NPLD acts to share best practice in language planning and to set up joint, funded language projects between its members.

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