NPLD's High-level Conference on Multilingualism, Migration and the Economy: Towards a New Roadmap for Linguistic Diversity in Europe

On Wednesday, 18th November 2015, the European Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity (NPLD) will host the NPLD2020 conference on Multilingualism, Migration and the Economy, which seeks to provide a high-level discussion on:

  • The current state of affairs of multilingualism in Europe, including all languages, official EU languages, minority/regional EU languages and migrant languages
  • The challenges of immigrant integration into host societies in monolingual and bilingual territories 
  • The role, value and impact of multilingualism for the European economy.

To promote this discussion, NPLD will launch a new European Roadmap for Linguistic Diversity. This Roadmap contains very concise and practical proposals for European Institutions, reaffirming the EU’s commitment to linguistic diversity, and at ensuring that all languages spoken in Europe all languages are seen as common assets which need to be supported and promoted.

By organising this event, NPLD wishes to contribute to the shaping of a new and inclusive narrative for Europe in terms of multilingualism. NPLD believes that the current challenges ahead of us in terms of economic but also social prosperity and the capacity to integrate the newcomers to our continent must be two of the main priorities for the EU if we want to build cohesive and prosperous societies. In this respect, all the languages of Europe have a role to play.

Participants in these high-level debates will include senior officials of the European Commission, Members of the European Parliament, Directors-General in Language Policy of various European countries and regions and renowned academics from across Europe.

You can view the final programme here.

You are cordially invited to join us for a lively debate on Wednesday, 18 November from 10.30am to 16.00pm at VLEVA, Av. De Cortenberg/Kortenberglaan 71

Please RSVP by contacting Vicent Climent-Ferrando 





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