NPLD is an international non-profit organisation registered in Brussels (Belgium). Its members ratified the current Network’s Statutes at the General Assembly meeting held in May 2016 in Bilbao. According to them, the governing bodies of the Network are the following:

  • the General Assembly (GA), composed by all NPLD members;
  • the Steering Committee (SC), composed by all full members and associate members in 1/3. The SC meets twice a year and its members are in charge of the preparation of the working programme, financial management, engaging personnel and examination of new memberships;
  • the Chair’s Committee (CC), consisting of a Chair and two Vice-Chairs, who are responsible for assisting the Chair on all matters relating to the management of NPLD. The CC meets three times a year and makes sure that the actions agreed by the GA and the SC are successfully undertaken.

Roles within the Network:

The Chair’s Committee members:

Sietske Poepjes, Chair

Sietske is Regional Minister responsible for Frisian Language and Culture. She was elected NPLD’s Chair for three years in June 2017, and as the Chair her main responsibility is for the strategic direction of the Network in discussion with the Chairs’ Committee. ©Foto Hoge Noorden/Jeroen Horsthuis

Sabrina Rasom, Vice-Chair 

Sabrina is from Fassa Valley, Province of Trento, and was re-elected in May 2018 by the General Assembly. She will therefore continue in her role until 2020. ©Foto Petrussi

Bethan Webb, Vice-Chair

Bethan represents the Welsh Government and was elected as Vice-Chair in June 2019. She will therefore be in post until 2021. 

NPLD Secretariat:

Vicent Fenollar i Sastre, NPLD’s Policy and Outreach Manager. Based in Brussels, Vicent is responsible for NPLD relations with the EU institutions and to monitor policy developments at EU level on multilingualism.

Eva Soms i Bach, NPLD’s Finance and Administration Manager. Based in Brussels, Eva is in charge of the financial management of the Network, as well as communications and members coordination.

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