Culture and multilingualism meet in Leeuwarden

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“Achievements, benefits, and future perspectives in the various fields and domains: Creative Culture & Circular Economy; Language Use and Linguistic Diversity” was the title of the Seminar held at the NHL Stenden University in Ljowert/Leeuwarden on 12th October, 2018. Representatives of the Leeuwarden-Fryslân European Capital of Culture 2018 developed their projects and achievements in the field of multilingualism while Galway2020 representatives were invited to take over their experience for the cultural productions to start in 2 years.

Some of the research projects on multilingualism developed by the NHL Stenden University were exposed during the Seminar, focusing on bilingual and trilingual education, as well as multilingual inclusive education in Fryslân. The presentation of a book on the Frisian language history closed the Seminar.

NPLD members had the chance to attend the Seminar after the Network’s Steering Committee meeting that took place the day before at NHL Stenden University. The Province of Fryslân took the opportunity of the gatherings to organise a series of presentations on the culture and different regional and local languages of the region.

Achievements and economic benefits of LF2018: Towards Fryslân 2028, by Siart Smit, Director of Arts of Leeuwarden-Fryslân European Capital of Culture 2018, and Mirjam Vellinga, art director of Lân fan Taal.

Language Use and Language Creativity: Achievements, Developments and Challanges of Bi- and Trilingual Education in Fryslân, by Alex Riemersma, Lector Frisian and Multilingualism at NHL Stenden University.

New initiatives regarding “Multilingual Inclusive Education” aiming at the use of Frisian, Dutch and English including migrant languages, by Suzanne Dekker, NHL Stenden University.

Prospective reflections towards Galway 2020, by Kate Howard, Cultural Producer Galway 2020, and Robert Jackson, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Ireland in the Netherlands.

Presentation of the book “The story of Frisian in Multilingual Friesland“, by Reitze Jonkman, NHL Stenden University

Launch of the Exhibition “Keunstsinnige Eerappels” / Artistic Potatoes in the Natural History Museum of Leeuwarden.

Photo credit: Siem Akkerman fotografie.

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