EESC multilingualism policies under evaluation

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Vice President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), Isabel Caño, and NPLD’s Vice Chair Gregorio Ferreiro Fente held a meeting in Brussels to follow-up on the expert opinion on Multilingualism published by EESC in 2008. During the meeting NPLD proposed to strengthen the cooperation with the European body to promote multilingualism and linguistic diversity at EU level. Special attention was paid to the inclusion of Constitutional, Regional and Small State (CRSS) languages in the communications and EESC website, focusing on the situation of Irish language, which, despite being an official EU language, is not included in the EESC communications.

The EESC is the body that represents the voice of organised civil society in Europe. The EESC issues between 160 and 190 opinions and information reports a year. 70% are referrals by the Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament. 21% are own-initiative opinions and information reports, while 9% are exploratory opinions generally requested by the country holding the EU Presidency.

See the 2008 Report on Multilingualism published by EESC here.

From left to right: Gregorio Ferreiro (NPLD), Isabel Caño (EESC) and Joaquín Calvo (EESC)

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