Young Frisian and Welsh citizens, encouraged to join the European Day of Languages

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The Province of Fryslân and the Welsh Government join forces with the European Day of Languages to encourage young people to participate in the T-shirt contest.

The contest is organised every year by the Council of Europe and the European Centre for Modern Languages to raise awareness on multilingualism in Europe. It is addressed to all the European young citizens who are interested in design and who feel committed to the promotion of linguistic diversity at local and international levels.

Check out the video-invitation by Sietske Poepjes, NPLD Chair and regional minister for the Province of Fryslân in Frisian [subtitles in English] here.

The Welsh Government together with the British-Irish Council have created a playlist of songs in Manx, Cornish, Irish, Welsh and Gaelic that you can listen on the EDL site. See their video-invitation in Welsh and in English languages.

You would like to join too?

What is the T-shirt contest? Can you participate? Where and when to submit your design? See all the answers here.

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