Webinar: “High School reform and territorial languages teaching in France: challenges and implications”

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The NPLD in cooperation with the Coppieters Foundation, organised this webinar to discuss the challenges and the implications for the teaching of territorial languages in France of the Law 2019-791 of 26 July 2019 pour un école de la confiance, the so-called “Blanquer Act”.

The law, promoted by Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer and adopted by the National Assembly on 4 July 2019 at the end of a tortuous legislative process, represents the greatest threat to the fragile recovery of France’s historic languages.

Fulup Jakez, director of the Public Office of the Breton Language, François Alfonsi, MEP, and Antonia Luciani, General-Secretary at the Coppieters Foundation shared their insights in this webinar held on 20 October 2020 on-line.

+Watch the webinar here.

+Read the report Réforme du Lycée et enseignement des langues territoriales en France. Les défis après la loi 2019-791 du 26 juillet 2019 pour un école de la confiance, dit « loi Blanquer », published by the NPLD in English and in French.

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