Aurten Bai Fundazioa | Aurten Bai Foundation*

Name of organisation

Aurten Bai Fundazioa | Aurten Bai Foundation*



Type of Organisation

Associate Member

Short note on organisation background

The Aurten Bai Foundation was established in 1988 and its objectives include the promotion and dissemination of Basque language and Basque culture, as well as the creation of new materials based on new technologies. It also manages Zornotzako Barnetegia, the boarding Basque learning centre, approved by Basque Government.

Since 1998, Aurten Bai has been a member of EBLUL representing the Basque language.

Aurten Bai Foundation’s representative sits on NPLD’s Steering Committee meetings.


Mikel Etxebarria Etxeita, President, Aurten Bai Foundation



Aurten Bai Fundazioa

Larrea auzoa, z/g, E-48340 Amorebieta-Etxano (Spain)

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