Convergéncia Occitana | Occitan Convergence*

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Convergéncia Occitana | Occitan Convergence



Type of Organisation

Associate Member

Short note on organisation background

Convergéncia Occitana is a not for profit structure that brings together eighty-cultural associations of Toulouse and Occitan’s country, like IEO (also NPLD member), Calandreta, Collègi d’Occitània, Fondacion Occitana, etc.

Convergéncia Occitana was founded on 20th July 1998 in Toulouse. Established to foster an authentic and modern Occitan cultural and language policy, Convergéncia Occitana is a synergistic structure that seeks to provide resources needed for the member associations, work “pooling” and in network. We work every day to gradually introduce Occitan in the lives of our citizens: we make constructive proposals when necessary -for example, bilingualism introduced by the Council of Toulouse in the city–, we also critically react when necessary. The organisation has a privileged partnership with the Council of Toulouse, the Department of Haute-Garonne, the Government of Midi-Pyrenees Region, the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya), the University of Toulouse (lo Miralh), among others.

Convergéncia Occitana has an elected representative in NPLD’s Steering Committee.


Jocelyn Icart, president, Convergéncia Occitana


11, carrièra Malcosinat, 31000 – Tolosa  (France)

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