Govern Balear | Government of Balearic Islands

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Govern Balear | Government of Balearic Islands

Government of Balearic Islands


Balearic Island - Spain

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Full Member. Governmental institution

Short note on organisation background

The General Directorate for Language Policy of the Government of the Balearic Islands reports to the Regional ministry of Culture, Participation and Sport of the Government of the Balearic Islands and exercises its authority in the following areas:

-Normalisation of the Catalan language

-Promotion and defence of the linguistic rights of the people

-Certification of Catalan language skills for adults outside of the regulated education system, by organising and processing exams and by granting official recognition of equivalent certificates

-Official recognition of the Catalan language studies of the Mandatory Secondary Education and University preparation levels with official Catalan language skills certificates.


Marta Fuxà Vidal, director general for language policy.



General Directorate for Language Policy, Government of the Balearic Islands
C. d’Alfons el Magnànim, 29, 1r pis porta 6, 07004 Palma – Balearic Islands (Spain)

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