Nafarroako Gobernua | Government of Navarre

Name of organisation

Nafarroako Gobernua | Government of Navarre

Government of Navarre


Navarre - Spain

Type of Organisation

Full Member. Governmental institution

Short note on organisation background

In 2007 the Government of Navarre created Euskarabidea-Euskararen Nafar Institutua / Navarrese Institute of Basque Language to manage the language policy of the Government.

Euskarabidea- Euskararen Nafar Institutua takes charge of the study, analysis and assessment of the sociolinguistic and linguistic; it also provides advice to public authorities on language.

It manages programs of use of Basque language in different fields of social life, promoting the presence of the language in the information technology and Communications. It also deals with toponymy, terminology of Basque dialects in Navarre and language teaching to adults.


Mikel Arregi Pérez, director, Euskarabidea


Euskarabidea – Euskararen nafar Institutua
C/ Paulino Caballero 13
31002 Pamplona/Iruña (Spain)

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