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The Welsh Government’s vision is to see the Welsh language thriving in Wales. It wants to see an increase in the number of people who both speak and use the language.

A large majority of the people of Wales agree that there is a need to safeguard and support the Welsh language, but the language is in a frail state and we need to work together to protect it. The Welsh Government wants to see the responsibility for promoting and facilitating the use of Welsh being shared and embedded among an increasing number of organisations across Wales.

The Welsh Government is responsible for leading the work of implementing the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011. To date, the work has included the establishment of the new Welsh Language Commissioner’s office, which will be responsible for imposing duties on a broad range of organisations, via Welsh language standards; the launch of a new Welsh Language Strategy, A living language: a language for living, which outlines the Welsh Government’s vision for the language the next five years; the establishment of a Welsh Language Partnership Council to advise the Welsh Ministers with regard to their Welsh Language Strategy.

The Government is also working to establish a Welsh Language Tribunal, to hear appeals against the Welsh Language Commissioner’s decisions with regard to standards. It is also developing proposals with regard to mainstreaming Welsh as a workplace language within the Welsh Government’s offices – and forming an evidence-based marketing strategy to promote the value of Welsh and encourage its use.

Welsh-medium and Welsh-language education have become increasingly important in Wales in recent times. Our education system has a key role to play to help realise the Welsh Government’s vision of seeing the Welsh language thrive in Wales.

The Welsh-medium Education Strategy was published in April 2010. It sets out a national policy framework for the development of Welsh-medium and Welsh-language education across all phases of education and training. The Strategy aims to achieve an education and training system which responds in a planned way to the growing demand for Welsh-medium education. Increasing the number of people able to use the language with their families, in their communities and at work is central to the Strategy.

The Welsh-medium Education Strategy sets out a long-term and complex agenda. The accompanying Implementation Programme gives further detail about the work expected of the Welsh Government, its partners and other agencies. It also includes a series of targets which will be central to the Strategy’s overall success. The Welsh Government publishes an annual report on progress in implementing the Strategy.


Bethan Webb, deputy director, Welsh language division, Welsh Government


Uned y Gymraeg/Welsh Language Unit
Adran Addysg a Sgiliau/Department of Education and Skills
Llawr 3/3rd Floor Parc Cathays/Cathays Park
Caerdydd/Cardiff CF10 3NQ (United Kingdom)

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