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In July 2017, the Welsh Government launched its latest strategy for the Welsh Language – Cymraeg 2050 – (A million Welsh speakers by 2050)

A link to the strategy, its component work plans and thematic plans, as well as annual reports are available below. The strategic vision for the language is as follows:

“The year 2050: The Welsh language is thriving, the number of speakers has reached a million, and it is used in every aspect of life. Among those who do not speak Welsh, there is goodwill and a sense of ownership towards the language and a recognition by all of its contribution to the culture, society and economy of Wales.”

Realising the vision

The challenge of achieving a million Welsh speakers by 2050 calls for far-reaching changes. Boundaries need to be pushed and ambitious action taken to enable more people to learn and use Welsh. This strategy builds on existing foundations and moves us on to the next stage in our language journey. We have identified three strategic themes to achieve this vision.

  1. Increasing the number of Welsh speakers
  2. Increasing the use of Welsh
  3. Creating favourable conditions – infrastructure and context In order to realise the vision, we will need to take action under the three themes and also understand the interdependencies between them.

More information, action plans and reports are available on the following link:



Bethan Webb, Deputy Director, Welsh Language Division, Welsh Government


Welsh Language Division

Welsh Government

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