Krste Misirkov | Macedonian Movement to Promote Mother Language

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Krste Misirkov | Macedonian Movement to Promote Mother Language



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Associate Member

Short note on organisation background

Krste Misirkov is a non profit organisation that aims to promote the Macedonian language spoken in the Northern Greece region.

Its activities aim both to promote the learning and use of Macedonian language by the yonger generations, and to claim the implementation of a legal status for Regional and Minority languages in Greece, which lack of any legal protection.

The organisation collaborates with local cultural associations that involve young people in the promotion of Macedonian culture, language and identity by organising several events.



Tsarknias Nikolaos, director, and Eugenia Natsoulidou, administrator.



Behind the Fire Brigade building, 584 00 Aridea (Greece)

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