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Noregs Mållag | Norwegian Language Society



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Short note on organisation background

Noregs Mållag (Norwegian Language Society) is the leading member based organisation promoting Nynorsk in Norway. Noregs Mållag has about 10,300 members and consists of approximately 200 local groups. The organisation is involved in a lot of cultural and political activities. It also takes part in several other institutions and organisations.

The first Nynorsk associations were formed as early as 1868. Noregs Mållag was formed in 1907 as the leading political instrument for promoting Nynorsk in all fields of Norwegian society.

The main office of Noregs Mållag is placed in Oslo and the organisation is active in all parts of Norway. However, the organisation has most of its members in the core area of Nynorsk.


Gro Morken Endresen, manager, Noregs Mållag


Telephone: +47 23 00 29 37


Noregs Mållag, Lilletorget 1, 0184 Oslo (Norway)

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