Province of Trento: Fascia (Fassa Valley) – Bersentol (Mocheni Valley) – Luserna (Lusern)

Name of organisation

Province of Trento: Fascia (Fassa Valley) - Bersentol (Mocheni Valley) - Luserna (Lusern)


Autonomous Region of Trento - Italy

Type of Organisation

Full Member. Governmental institution

Short note on organisation background

The Office for the promotion of local linguistic minorities is a department inside the autonomous government of Trentino region, dealing with public relationsand local historical linguistic minority communities, that is to say the Ladin, the Mòcheno and the Cimbrian minorities.

It was set up in 2002 under the Presidency of the Regional Executive, in order to create a privileged channel of communication between the minority groups, with their special requirements, and the public administration. As clearly manifested from its name, the department works for the protection and the cultural promotion of the local linguistic minority groups.

Among its main tasks are:

-Linking all interventions in different administrative sectors (school, culture, finance, etc.) promoted by the local Government in favor of linguistic minorities;
-Managing State funds intended for local project proposals;
-Supporting and coordinating all local bodies dealing with linguistic minorities issues;
-Providing assistance and advice to local authorities on the implementation of related rules;
-Collecting European, national, regional and provincial legislation related to preservation and promotion of linguistic minorities;
-Handling relations with other national and international institutions which deal with preservation of minority communities.

This membership represents Province of Trento – Fassa Valley (Fascia) – Mocheni Valley (Bersentol) – Luserna (Lusern).


Sabrina Rasom, head of Ladin Language Policy Unit, Comun General de Fascia, Province of Trento


Telephone: +39 0462 764500


Government of the Autonomous Province: Piazza Dante 15, I – 38122 Trento (Italy)

Comun General de Fascia: Strada di Pré de gejia, 2 38036 Sèn Jan di Fassa (Italy)

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