Radio Kaszëbë – Stowôra Zemia Pùckô | Puck Regional Association

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Radio Kaszëbë - Stowôra Zemia Pùckô | Puck Regional Association



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Radio Kaszëbë – Puck Regional Association was established in 2003 to launch Radio Kaszëbë in 2004. The association collaborates with local, regional and government administration, educational organisations and cultural institutions in Kashubian region.

The aim of the association is to preserve and develop Kashubian language, culture and identity by producing a 24/7 bilingual radio programme. The association has also launched important projects for the promotion of Kashubian language, e.g. linguistic activisation of youth by the organisation of musical contest Kashubian Idol, Kashubian Mobile Library or a European conference on the national and ethnic minority media. The instrument to promote linguistic diversity is Radio Kaszëbë station. It is a bilingual station which reaches 1 000 000 listeners in the Pomeranian voivodeship with its programme. The station launches archive and music projects aiming at the preservation of Kashubian linguistic heritage and inspiring young musicians to sing in Kashubian language.


Artur Jablonsczi / Artur Jabłoński, President of Radio Kaszëbë – Puck Regional Association


Ana Kòscëkòwicz-Jablonskô / Anna Kościukiewicz-Jabłońska, Managing Editor of Radio Kaszëbë


Telephones: + 48 609 680 290 / + 48 603 385 335


84-103 Czôrny Mlin Szasé Frãca Żôczka 7 Kaszëbskô (Poland)

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