This is my language!

The European Charter Classroom Activities is a NPLD-granted project to raise awarness on linguistic diversity among youngsters:

The Consortium for Language Normalization: Celebrating 30 Years teaching Catalan to the adult population in Catalonia

1,9 million students, 83,565 courses and 137,000 language tandems. This is a brief summary of the work done by the…

NPLD delegation meets outgoing Commissioner Navracsics

Navracsics reflected on how the new Commission might deal with multilingualism and linguistic diversity at EU level

The ECRML and CALRE’s initiatives on linguistic diversity, main topics of the II Networking breakfast

The II Networking Breakfast was co-organised with the Council of Europe

The EU institutions, urged to ensure their commitment to linguistic diversity

‘All languages, regardless of number of speakers or legal status, are key to the personal, social and economic development of societies.’

Europe celebrates its Day of Languages

Following the success of the Year of Languages in 2001, the Council of Europe declared a European Day of Languages to be celebrated on 26th of September each year.

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