Position statement on the EC’s response to the EP resolution on the ECI “Minority Safepack”

Last 17th December the European Parliament adopted with a large majority the Resolution on the European Citizens’ Initiative “Minority Safepack…

Agustina Vilaret González, representative of the Government of the Balearic Islands, new Chair of the NPLD

The representative of the Friulian speaking community, William Cisilino, is the new Vice Chair of the Network

Webinar: “Learning and teaching languages during a pandemic”

The cases of Welsh, Scottish Gaelic and Basque languages are presented as examples of how the pandemic is affecting the learning and the use of minority languages

“When you speak, you do magic!”, the new campaign to promote the social use of Catalan

The campaign is composed of several short videos and will be promoted throughout the year

Webinar: “High School reform and territorial languages teaching in France: challenges and implications”

The webinar was released on-line on 20 October in cooperation with the Coppieters Foundation

Webinar: “Islands & Languages: Sustaining Linguistic Diversity in Languages across Europe”

Representatives of the Åland Islands, Balearic Islands, Isle of Man and Corsica to explain the main challenges of their respective language policies

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