Renovation of the Basque Language Interpretation Centre

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The Basque Language Interpretation Centre (EIZ) is a renovated space created to show the vitality of the Basque language and to provide both the citizens of Bizkaia and visitors with an attractive and rich experience of the Basque language.

The Centre is made up of several sections distributed over two floors. Among other elements, the exhibition contains interactive devices with indicators that inform us of the situation of the Basque language in all areas of social life. It is possible to consult the history of the language, visitors can play with words in Basque and there are bells with audiovisuals to learn about its transmission and diversity, the challenges for the future, and the richness and quality of the Basque culture. Thanks to interactive games the visitor will be able to learn how the language has evolved and grown with the contributions of many civilisations. Besides, a visual graphic tour will show visitors the most important milestones and events in the history of the Basque language. The exhibition also wants to focus on the people, who give life to the language.

The objective of the Centre is to offer a bright, colourful and attractive exhibition, so visitors can actively participate in the visit and receive the contents in a dynamic way.

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