NPLD-Coppieters Campus 2019: “Activating the social use of minority languages”

Thursday October 17th, 2019

The second edition of the NPLD-Coppieters Campus will be held in Donostia on the 17-18 October and will focus on activating the social use of minority languages. The Campus aims to attract representatives of CRSS’ languages having responsability in Language Policy Planning. Representatives of other entities (associations, universities, research centres, etc) working in the area of minority languages (promotion, normalization of the use, research, evaluation, etc.) to discuss and to showcase the specific actions to active the social use of minority languages. It will also serve as a space for meeting, communication, collaboration and exchange of ideas between researchers working in linguistic policy, language planning and evaluation.

It will consist of monographic presentation of 3 concrete cases -Basque, Catalan and Welsh- divided in 2 days and discussion in groups after the presentation of the cases (16 hours).

The presentations on the first day will focus on the theoretical principles and bases of Euskaraldia project as well as its design, methodology and coordination; the deployment of the project in municipalities of the Basque Autonomous Community, Navarre and the Northern Basque Country. The discussions on the second day will focus on the specific actions that have been implemented in Wales and Catalonia to activate the social use of the Welsh and the Catalan language.

 See the Full Programme here and a summary-video of the Campus here.

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