Presentation of the two NPLD-granted reports on EU and RMLs

Wednesday March 17th, 2021

Presentation of the two NPLD-granted reports on EU and RMLs

-exclusive for NPLD members-

Where:                live on-line session. Exclusive for NPLD members

For whom:         presentation for all the NPLD members followed by Q&A and discussion.

Languages:         English. Interpretation service is not provided on this occasion; however, questions can be made through the live chat to the speakers in English, French and Spanish (at least).

Reports to be presented:

  1. “Analysing the EU Agreements with Spain and the UK on the use of regional or minority languages. A practical assessment”, by E. Pons and K. Jiménez Weese, coordinated by V. Climent-Ferrando.
  2. “Accessibility for regional or minority languages to the EU programmes. A practical assessment”, by H. Kuipers-Zandberg and A.F. Schukking, coordinated by C. van der Meer and V. Climent-Ferrando.

These reports are the outcome of the project proposed and led by the Government of Catalonia in collaboration with the Fryske Akademy and financially supported by the NPLD grants programme in 2019.

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