Our Funding

Transparency is key in the economic and financial management of the Network; that is why Financial Reports are periodically sent to our members, paying particular attention to expenditure and income breakdown. The Network’s economic performance is reviewed by its governing bodies twice a year and its End of Year Financial Report is registered in the Commercial Court of Brussels.

Since 2016 the NPLD is fully financed by the its members’ contributions. All the NPLD members currently pay a membership fee, which allows them to participate in project activities, events and share best practices. [See Our Members section for further information.]

Besides the members’ contributions, NPLD cooperates with 3rd organisations and European institutions working in the field of linguistic diversity to share synergies, expertise and resources.

EU Grants received in the past:

During the period 2013-15, NPLD received a European Commission Grant from Lifelong Learning Programe (Key Activity 2 -Multilateral Networks). The network was awarded a grant of 414,255€ to carry out work under the project name NPLD2020. NPLD2020 was a consortium of highly representative and interdisciplinary members of the NPLD (21 partners in all) who were selected for their expertise, knowledge and information on regional, minority and lesser used languages and linguistic diversity in Europe. The consortium covered a wide geographical area which ensured that NPLD2020 had the capacity to collect experiences from and reach out to all regions in Europe. The biggest and smallest CRSS language communities were represented in the consortium.

From 2007 until 2010, the Network was granted with 447,533€ by the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme (Key Activity 2 – Languages).

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