Name of the language

Non de lenghe



Total number of speakers

Numar totâl di locutôrs

600,000 approximately

Cirche 600.000

Number of native speakers

Numar di locutôrs natîfs

420,000 approximately

Cirche 420,000

Protected by

Tutelade di

Regional laws nº 15/1996 and 29/2007; state law nº 482/99.

Leçs regjonâls n. 15/1996 e 29/2007; leç statâl 482/1999

Geographical area

Aree gjeografiche

Specific historical areas in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy.

Areis storichis specifichis dal Friûl – Vignesie Julie, Italie.

Language family

Famee de lenghe



Status of the language

Status de lenghe

Legally and socially recognized, regarded culturally as an ordinary language, in daily use in the various spheres of modern life but considered to be an endangered language, owing to poor systematic transmission between generations.

Lenghe ricognossude par leç e a nivel sociâl, considerade a nivel culturâl tant che lenghe normâl, fevelade ogni dì ancje in ambits diviers de vite moderne ma che e je in pericul par vie de mancjance di trasmission intergjenerazionâl.

Status at the University

Status te Universitât

Friulian is not yet taught at university level, but this is not due to a theoretical principle, since some courses study specific topics related to the language. An Interdepartmental Centre has been established to develop the Friulian language and culture, as well as the Association of Friulian Science and Technology.

Il furlan nol è ancjemò une lenghe curicolâr ma no son preclusions a nivel teoric; a vegnin proponûts ancje cors là che si tratin argoments specifics de lenghe. Ta chest ambit a esistin il Centri Interdipartimentâl pal svilup de lenghe e de culture furlanis e la Societât Sientifiche e Tecnologjiche Furlane.

Fields of use

Ambits di ûs

Family, friends, leisure, education, media, health services, Public administration.

Famee, amîs, timp libar, istruzion, media, aziendis sanitariis, aministrazion publiche.

Member(s) of the NPLD

Entitât tant che membri dal NPDL

Full Member: Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Council | Regional Council of Friuli Venezia Giulia

Associate Member: Universitât dal Friûl | University of Udine

Year of source

An de ricercje


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