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Zornotzako Barnetegia. Dedicated to Basque language acquisition among adults for the last 25 years

#4 Focus Report Autumn 2019 Tags: Basque languagebest practiceEducationLanguage PolicyRevitalisation

Authorship: Mikel Etxebarria Etxeita, president. Aurten Bai Foundation

The main objective of the Basque Country government’s language policy following the Francoist dictatorship was the revitalisation and normalisation of the Basque language among the population (young and old). This article provides a comprehensive overview of how Zornotzako Barnetegia created a recipe for success in Basque language acquisition among adults with the implementation of a residential language programme in 1993.

Measuring the vitality of languages in Catalan society

#3 Focus Report Summer 2019 Tags: AraneseCatalanLanguage PlanningLanguage PolicyMigrationOccitansurvey

Authorship: Directorate-General for Language Policy, Government of Catalonia

This report is based on the conclusions of the latest Survey on Language Use of the Population 2018 recently published by the Government of Catalonia, which primary goal is to measure the health and vitality of Catalan and Occitan in the Aran Valley (both official languages of Catalonia, along with Spanish) as well as the use of other languages by the population of Catalonia. These data are crucial as they act as a thermometer of the strength of Catalan and Occitan languages as well as the use of lingua francas, such as English or French, along with the presence of the languages brought to Catalonia by migration. It is, in sum, a useful tool needed to develop sound language policy and planning.

NPLD Position Paper & Action Plan 2019-2020

Spring 2019 Tags: Action PlanEuropean institutionsLanguage PlanningLanguage PolicyPolicy actionsPosition PaperRoadmap

Authorship: Vicent Fenollar i Sastre is the Policy and Outreach Manager at the NPLD

In 2015 the NPLD published The European Roadmap for Linguistic Diversity, in order to substantiate and formalize the strategic aims of its policy and practical work for the benefit of the Constitutional, Regional or Smaller State (CRSS) languages, that are used within and among the members of the network. Due to changes in the conditions regulating and facilitating the promotion of these languages, both internationally and at national and regional levels, the NPLD now has renewed and developed a document, that for the closest future will function with similar, language policy aims as the Roadmap.

’21 Días co Galego e +’ (21 Days with Galician and More)

#2 Focus Report Spring 2019 Tags: BilingualismEducationGalicianMultilingualismRevitalisationSchools

Authorship: Gregorio Ferreiro Fente is a Galician Language and Literature teacher in secondary education; he is currently working as technical teaching advisor at the General Secretariat of Language Policy of the Galician Government (Spain)

Under the title ’21 Días co Galego e +’ (21 Days with Galician and More). Establishing the habit of using the Galician language at all times and in all places, this report focuses on an intriguing project that aims to motivate school-age young people to use the Galician language in the multiple activities in which they interact socially every day.

Brexit and its consequences for the autochthonous regional or minority languages of the UK

#1 Focus Report Spring 2019 Tags: BrexitCornishIrelandIrishNorthern IrelandScotlandScotsScottish GaelicUKUlster ScotsWelsh

Authorship: Professor Diarmait Mac Giolla Chríost, Cardiff University, Wales, UK, and Dr Matteo Bonotti, Monash University, Australia

The first issue of the series NPLD Focus Reports presents a brief overview of the potential implications of Brexit for the autochthonous regional or minority languages of the UK, noting that there are a range of issues in the areas of law and of public policy, as well as in terms of values.

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