The Consortium for Language Normalization: Celebrating 30 Years teaching Catalan to the adult population in Catalonia

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1,9 million students, 83,565 courses and 137,000 language tandems. This is a brief summary of the work done by the Consortium for Language Normalization in Catalonia (CPNL), a public body aimed at extending knowledge and use of Catalan among the newcomers through language courses addressed to the adult population in Catalonia. “We are here to reiterate our commitment to the language, an alliance built and shared between the Government, the municipalities, regions but also companies, professionals, educational centres and local entities. In sum, an alliance of the Catalan society as a whole. It is an honor and a responsibility to make an inventory of the tasks developed by many, whose ultimate goal is to incorporate as many people as possible to our language and to make it a tool for social cohesion” – stated the Catalan Minister for Culture, Mariàngela Vilallonga at the 30th Anniversary Ceremony held in Barcelona.  “Without the Consortium, Catalonia would be different. Witnessing the tasks developed by the Consortium is exciting but also gives you a feeling of respect. We must acknowledge the efforts undertaken by all those involved, especially those at local level including municipalities, and small shops” – emphasized the Director-General for Language Policy, Ester Franquesa.

30 years of the CPNL at a snapshot

The CPNL was created in 1989 by the Government of Catalonia, 19 municipalities and the regional administration of Girona (Diputació de Girona) with the goal of facilitating access to Catalan to the adult population and promoting its use. It also works to ensure that Catalan becomes the language of social cohesion in Catalonia. Today 72% of students enrolled are of foreign origin. In 2018, more than 3,700 courses were organized for more than 80.000 students. Today, the CPNL is composed of 135 public bodies, including municipalities, regional administrations (consells comarcals and Diputacions) and the Government of Catalonia. There are 146 learning centres around Catalonia, organized by 22 CPNL territorial bodies throughout Catalonia with a staff of 744 people. The CPNL works in close collaboration with more than 880 local entities and 4,170 local shops to extend the use of Catalan in society.

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