Webinar: “Islands & Languages: Sustaining Linguistic Diversity in Languages across Europe”

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Because of their insularity, islands have certain characteristics that distinguish them from continental regions. Islands share similar needs, in terms of energy supplies, limitations of natural resources and accessibility, to name a few.

This particular geographical configuration has also played an important role in the way human interaction happens which has marked the languages that their inhabitants speak as well as its evolution.

In this webinar, organised by the NPLD with the collaboration of the Government of the Balearic Islands, our panelists showcase the linguistic realiy of 4 islands spread out between 4 different countries across Europe:

  • Isle of Man: Phil Gawne, Chief Executive. Mooinjer Veggey | @MooinjerVeggey
  • Balearic Islands: Agustina Vilaret, Regional Secretary of Universities, Research and Language Policy. Government of the Balearic Islands | @agustinavilaret
  • Åland Islands: Anton Nilsson, Senior specialist on Åland Islands Affairs. Permanent Representation of Finland to the EU
  • Corsica: Sinucelly Garoby, Policy officer at the Linguistic Council. Territorial Collectivity of Corsica | @s.garoby

Check out the video here.

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